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PetAlpin – Philosophie


Our product was developed to offer your pet the very best. From the outset of the product development, we carefully considered what is most important for our pets to live healthy and long lives. ? Our research highlighted three critical points, which formed the basis of our product development:

  • 1) healthy food
  • 2) developed by professionals to satisfy all the important needs of the animal
  • 3) the ingredients and herbs should be locally sourced from South Tyrol, ensuring they remain completely fresh and spend almost no time in transit

After extensive production tests and trials with our pets, we are extremely satisfied with what we have developed c and are proud and excited to offer it to you today: a healthy, tasty and sustainable wet food for dogs and cats.

Handicraft production

made in South Tyrolean butcher store

PetAlpin - 100% quality from south tyrolPetAlpin - Developed by our veterinariansPetAlpin - 100% gluten free

The best for your pet

Healthy food | Developed by professionals | Food and herbs from South Tyrol

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Slide PetAlpin - Chicken


Slide PetAlpin - sheep


Slide PetAlpin - sauerkraut


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Slide PetAlpin - juniper


Slide PetAlpin - gluten free

gluten free

PetAlpin – Unsere Produktion


We were lucky to find an animal loving butcher who shared our goals and ideas and joined us. He is also responsible for the production and guarantees a constant quality through his years of experience. Meticulous hygiene and the use of the best raw materials are important. Everything is then gently cooked and filled into jars.

South Tyrolean wet food for your dog and cat.

Do you already know this one? 3 South Tyrolean dog owners meet and decide to develop their own high-quality wet food for cats and dogs. Thank God this is not a joke but reality. After long months of planning, tasting, many ups and downs, we have now succeeded in presenting our product to you: PetAlpin! The South Tyrolean wet food for dogs and cats.