Why you should give your cat wet food

The discussion about whether to feed your cat dry or wet food is the same as it is with dogs and is an important issue for many cat owners. Research, supported by all the experts is clear: Only wet food fulfils a cat’s needs. Dry food has the same impact on cats as fast food does on people. It often leads to obesity and associated diseases (diabetes, liver damage, joint problems etc…). Furthermore, research shows that many cats suffer from kidney problems at old age. This too is now associated with dry food and the associated lack of fluid intake.  Wet food is closer to the natural diet of wild animals, which are the ancestors of cats, than industrially produced dry food.  Cats are also less flexible than dogs because even when they became domestic animals they continued to feed on mice for a long time. If you decide to give your cat dry food, remember to always provide enough water and encourage them to drink (e.g. with wells). Whether you decide on wet or dry food, make sure you are aware of the quality of the food you give your four-legged friend. If you only consider price you risk giving your cat low quality food, often made up of slaughterhouse waste, the ground up remains of dead animalsand processed fats. This is then made to be appetising with artificial food flavourings. No cat would eat meat and bone meal or other disgusting waste of its own accord. We at PetAlpin promise you that such unappetizing ingredients are not used in our feed. We want to feed our cats as naturally as possible. Bad food makes us sick and we want healthy cats that are fed a balanced diet. Of course, we also feed our food to our own cats. They love it.

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