PetAlpin – Natural wet food for your dog

The debate on whether to give your dog wet or dry food is currently an important topic for many dog owners. In our opinion wet food is closer to the natural nourishment of wild animals – the ancestors of our dogs- than industrially produced dry food., not least because the moisture content in natural food is higher than in dry food. Should you decide to give your dog dry food, remember to always provide sufficient water. Regardless of whether you decide on wet or dry food, always ensure you are aware of the quality of food you decide to give your four-legged friend. If price is the only thing you look at, you risk giving your dog bad quality food mostly made up of slaughterhouse leftovers, the ground up remains of dead animals and processed fat. All made to be appetising with artificial food flavouring. Dogs would not eat animal meal or other disgusting waste of their own accord. We at PetAlpin promise you that such unappetizing ingredients are not used in our food. We would like to feed our dogs as naturally as possible. Bad food makes you sick and we want healthy dogs that are fed a balanced diet. We also feed our food products to our own dogs. They love it.