Buy grain-free wet food for dogs and cats in our online shop

100 percent from South Tyrol. 100 percent sustainable. 100 percent grain-free. This is wet food for dogs and cats from PetAlpin. Only the best ingredients from South Tyrol are used. The packaging is specially designed to be free form plastic. We would like to set a good example, for the sake of our animals and the environment.

What do dogs need?

This was the most important question we wanted to answer. After lots of tests and trials the result is a tasty, healthy whole food for dogs and cats. Our ingredients are 100% locally sourced in South Tyrol, so we can vouch for the quality of the food we offer with a clear conscience. We offer exactly what animals would buy for themselves, if only they could. We do not want to set trends or sell products made from Australian kangaroo. Our goals are to have healthy animals, supplied with all the important nutrients and with the same meat that you would buy for yourself from the butcher. You can buy species specific wet food from us, developed by renowned animal nutritionists. We know exactly what fast food does to our body: diabetes, heart and kidney problems are only some of the diseases it causes. There is no difference when it comes to our pets. In short: People are not the only ones to become sick because of the industrialization of food production, it also has a major impact on our pets.

Gently cooked and produced only from local products, we guarantee our food is healthy. We buy our meat from exactly the same farms which supply your local butcher. We do not buy food production waste or leftovers from the slaughterhouse. The same goes for the fruits and vegetables we buy.

Let your pets taste our food, they will love it. We give our animals this food because we believe in it and are convinced it will result in our pets staying healthy. You can now order it directly in our online shop.